Who Are We?

Below are posted several documents in PDF format that will provide a quick sketch of who we are, as well as some of our present concerns. These documents will be updated occasionally, and you can download them, which is handy for passing along to friends or family by email.

Tax Approval Quotient

Use this form to reveal your objective opinion regarding taxes in many of their various forms.

Candidate Survey

Use this document to send to political candidates and see where they stand on the issues.

Candidate Survey Replies

This is a document we’ll update when we receive replies from various candidates. Use this, along with the Candidate Survey, to compare candidate answers to your answers for an informed vote.

State of the Republic Presentation

Download the State of the Republic PDF document from Joe Arbuckle’s excellent Veteran’s Day presentation (~5MB).

Southern Colorado Patriots Club Press Release

This document describes some of our core missions and beliefs as an organization.

What Can You Do?

Some immediate and practical things you can do to help.

Taxes & Fees List

This is a compilation of taxes and fees (which are taxes) we could think of so far, but we’re sure there are many others. Please contact us so we can add to the list and update this document.

Big Brother & Control

The issues we face today are not merely about which groups of people get what entitlements, but about the tyrannical control over every aspect of your lives.

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