Candidate Survey Reply from Bob McConnell (Colorado)

We’ve received a reply from candidate Bob McConnell, running for Congress for Colorado’s 3rd congressional district.  Bob has spoken with us at our events before, and it’s nice to have some straight replies to questions that matter to us.

In case you’re not familiar with what I’m talking about, the Southern Colorado Patriots Club has put together a candidate survey (download in PDF format or see our documents posted on our “Who Are We” page) in an effort to get answers to important questions from candidates.  We’ve started a document called Candidate Survey Results (PDF) that records the answers we receive from candidates, so you can compare your answers with theirs.  I encourage you to use these tools before selecting a candidate, either in the primary or general election.

Further, Bob also answered six specific questions we sent him.  Both the questions and answers can be seen here, and I’ll provide an excerpt below:

• What is your vision for the country?

An America where every citizen is proud to be an American, proud of their elected
officials, works hard at a good job, is not dependent on handouts, can sleep at night
knowing that our borders are secure, knows that the best trained, best equipped, most
dedicated military force in the world is protecting our freedom.

• What is John Salazar’s biggest weakness?

He is an incumbent, beholden to a political machine that is inept and determined to
destroy the American way of life, and has already retired but continues to draw his
full pay and benefits.

As you may have guessed, we’re keenly interested in seeing Democrat John Salazar‘s defeat in November.  But before then, we need to clear the hurdle of the primary election, where candidates Scott Tipton and Bob McConnell square off.

Though we’ve sent our candidate survey to Scott Tipton, we’ve had no reply from him, as is noted in the Candidate Survey Results document.  We’ll update this document as often as we receive replies, so check back for more info.

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3 Responses to Candidate Survey Reply from Bob McConnell (Colorado)

  1. Sam says:

    I read through Bob’s answers and was disappointed to find that is sounded like a politician’s answers. I have been keeping a close eye on this race and find some of Bob’s answers rather intriguing. In regards to the entitlement questions he simply stated “Repeal the Health Care Act.” That sounds great until you research what he really wants to do with health care.

    Start watching from 3:13

    I don’t know about anyone else, but when someone says that the government should tell communities what to do with their vacant buildings and that the government should tell individuals what field of work they should enter into, it sounds like socialism to me.

    Let’s look into what Tipton has to say. He’s a true conservative and has already proved it publicly.

  2. Jeff Mowry says:

    Sam, in my experience, it’s rare for a politician ever to use the words “yes” or “no” when asked a question—so I disagree.

    What we’re attempting to do is get candidate information out to the public. At this point, we’re not endorsing one candidate over another. Thus far, several candidates (running for various offices) have been invited to things such as candidate forums or to answer some of our questions. To date, only Bob McConnell has replied to our questions. We’ve heard nothing back from Scott Tipton.

    If we get to a point of endorsing a candidate, on what do you think we’ll base such an endorsement? Wouldn’t it make sense if we use the answers to our specific questions as the basis for our endorsement?

    You seem to be quite the Tipton fan. Perhaps you can cajole him into answering our candidate survey? You know where to find it. I’ll post received answers from all candidates as soon as we receive them.

    You say, “let’s look into what Tipton has to say.” We’ve tried that and received no reply. To me, that seems more like a politician than straight-up yes/no answers. Perhaps I’m wrong?

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