Anti-Incumbent or Anti-Liar?

Gary Wood’s recent article at the Tenth Amendment Center seems to get right what news reports have gotten wrong over the past few months.  Voter discontent has more to do with their representatives breaking their oath to uphold the Constitution (and therefore failing to truly represent their constituents) than with mere anti-incumbent sentiments.  After all, one is the cause and the other the effect.  If we simply ask why voters are hostile to their incumbents, things become quite clear, as the article states:

We are entering a time in our state when more citizens are learning our heritage.  As citizens study the fundamental principles our federalist republic was established with it is becoming obvious there are many answers for today’s challenges when there are elected officials at all levels who embrace our heritage.  Those who have been use to political careers are not prepared to be held accountable to their oath.  This does not make them a victim.

Moving forward, those taking the oath will be expected to honor their oath or be voted out.  Sen. Bennett was voted out due to his failure in establishing himself as an oath keeper.  If any current elected official wants to remain a representative of Utah citizens they need only stay true to their Oath of Office.

It really is this simple moving forward.

Now if we could just find some people with the fortitude to uphold their oaths, we’ll have some candidates worth voting into office as replacements.  I believe the longer the citizens wage war on liars, the greater the pressure on our public servants to take their oaths seriously and the better the chance we’ll have acceptable representation in the future.  I think we’re looking at several election cycles to reach that point–but this November may be quite telling in the willingness of the people to carefully research their options and not to simply vote in the stooge recommended by the party establishment (which historically goes for the entrenched incumbent, character notwithstanding).  We’re seeing signs already that this is exactly what’s happening this election year.

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