Apparently Feeling Left Out, Governor Hickenlooper Joins in the Lies

Governor Hickenlooper admitted to some big problems with last year’s gun legislation that was forced over the obvious protest of both Sheriffs and citizens.  But did he entirely come clean?  No.  Possibly envious of all the attention president Obama is receiving from his continuous lies and other assorted unconstitutional activities, governor Hickenlooper lies about previous contact with anti-gun statist billionaire Michael Bloomberg to an assembly of Sheriffs:

However, as the folks at Revealing Politics and The Complete Colorado have revealed, the governor’s phone records indicate otherwise.  Oops.

Why lie?  This situation was bad enough without the lies.  After all, that’s why so many people showed up to so many protests and ultimately ousted so many non-representing representatives!  Anyone who knows anything at all about the content of these new gun laws knows about the problems riddling them and the impossibility of these laws “curbing gun violence” (as was their stated goal).  For details, I wrote about this nonsense at length last March before the “political suicides” were fully realized.

So not only is the governor playing fast and loose with political power, he’s also a demonstrated liar.

Just what we need.

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