Government for, by, and of the people

Getting fed up with business as usual and the over-reaching arm of the federal government? Join the club.

The Southern Colorado Patriots Club is unifying people tired of the recent tyranny of our public servants and can use your help in returning our nation to constitutional rule.

Next event:  Independence Day Parade

Join the Southern Colorado Patriots Club in their section in the Westcliffe, CO July 4th Parade.

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This is the biggest open carry 2nd Amendment march in Colorado! Bring your rifles and holstered handguns!  It is time to stand up.

Celebrate and Defend our Constitution. Use it or Lose it! March with your fellow Patriots and make a statement that WE still believe in our Constitution and that we want it RESTORED in Colorado. You have to SHOW UP to make a statement. Bring the family, bring the kids, bring Grandma, bring your friends. Stand up for your rights.

Assemble at 9:15 AM, July 4th at the east end of Main Street (Highway 96), Silver Cliff/Westcliffe, CO at the open field just west of the Mining Company Diner (with convenience store and gas station). Look for the Southern Colorado Patriots assembly area (Gadsden Flags, Tea Party Flags, and guns, guns, guns). Plenty of places in town for breakfast and lunch. March is about one mile long, takes about 45 minutes. Short Rally at end of parade.

Firearm Protocol:
Rifles: unloaded, safety on, no detachable magazines inserted in rifle, chamber flag appreciated, MUST BE SLUNG on shoulder or back. No handling of weapons during the parade. All rifles welcome. Hand Guns: Holstered, open carry. No handling of weapons during the parade.



You can continue to find updates including current events on our twitter feed, as well as at our blog, so be sure to use these resources to stay informed!

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