Government for, by, and of the people

Getting fed up with business as usual and the over-reaching arm of the federal government? Join the club.

The Southern Colorado Patriots Club is unifying people tired of the recent tyranny of our public servants and can use your help in returning our nation to constitutional rule.

Next event:  Mid-Term Elections

We will have a rally on Thursday, 09 October, 6:00pm at the Lutheran Fellowship Hall.  This will be a very important meeting to discuss the ballot issues/recommendations and other critical issues affecting our local community.

Ballots will be mailed out on Tuesday, 14 Oct (download a sample).  There are several complicated and possibly confusing issues.  Please attend and share your views and/or get your questions answered. Some of you who live in Precinct 2 and not in the Clinic District will not vote on the clinic mill levy increase.

We will also discuss the latest information on Custer County Parades and the attempts by the local Democrat Party to ban the carry of  firearms, signs and after-parade rallies.

We all know how important this election is to our local community, our state and our nation.  Indications are good for some conservative gains every where to stem the harm the liberal progressives are doing to us.  Plan to attend and we hope you are planning to VOTE  and influence your friends and families.  See you there.


You can continue to find updates including current events on our twitter feed, as well as at our blog, so be sure to use these resources to stay informed!

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