Government for, by, and of the people

Getting fed up with business as usual and the over-reaching arm of the federal government? Join the club.

The Southern Colorado Patriots Club is unifying people tired of the recent tyranny of our public servants and can use your help in returning our nation to constitutional rule.

Next event:

We will host a town hall type meeting for all the announced school board candidates to make remarks and answer questions on Thursday, September 12, 6:00pm at the Lutheran Fellowship Hall.  PLEASE plan to attend this rally and get smart on these candidates and issues so you can cast an informed VOTE.  This is your time to meet the seven candidates and become an informed voter.  All have been invited to attend, speak and then answer questions from YOU.

This is your CALL TO ACTION.  Please inform as many parents as possible.

It’s time to take a look at these mandates.  One is an inappropriate sex education curriculum (HB 1081) that is not right for any teacher to be asked to teach. Maybe we should tell the state and federal education leaders we would prefer to develop and teach our own curriculum.  Many other states and local communities are doing just that.  In Colorado at least 2 counties are fighting to stop Common Core – Douglas and Teller.  We believe Custer should join in that effort.  The bottom line is you need to educate yourself about these dangerous programs.  Go to www.stopcommoncore.com and check it out.  We will further explore this during our 12 September Rally.


You can continue to find updates including current events on our twitter feed, as well as at our blog, so be sure to use these resources to stay informed!

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