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Getting fed up with business as usual and the over-reaching arm of the federal government? Join the club.

The Southern Colorado Patriots Club is unifying people tired of the recent tyranny of our public servants and can use your help in returning our nation to constitutional rule.

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Last year, thanks to many concerned patriots from all over Colorado, we had the largest open carry July 4th Parade entry in the state.  We did that to support the Colorado Sheriffs that sued the Liberal Progressives in the State Legislature over the unconstitutional gun control laws and to exercise our 2nd Amendment rights.  We plan to march again in Westcliffe’s Independence Day Parade on Friday, 4 July @ 10:00 am in support of the same things.  See the parade flier here!

This was the largest entry in the history of Westcliffe’s parades as over 500 constitutional-loving patriots joined us to lend their support and their voices in protecting our 1st and 2nd Amendment rights and to ensure they will not be infringed on.The attached flyer has the details for this year’s parade.  Please show up by 9:00 am (see map) to allow time for proper registration to participate in this peaceful and non-threatening demonstration of our liberties and freedoms and in the traditions most of us grew up with. We need to make sure our gun rights are restored. Your participation is a show of support and helps to make sure our rights are not further eroded. Three liberal progressive Democrats lost their elected state jobs because of their overreaching laws.  We must make sure they remain aware of the perils of infringing on the rights of law-abiding citizens.

In order to make sure everyone understands our intent and the parade rules I’m repeating below the information from last year:

All participants will be required to sign a form (normal insurance disclaimer) to march with us.  Our assembly area is the vacant field immediately west of Club America.  A briefing will begin promptly at 9:40 am to remind everyone of the rules and establish the order of march. Please ensure you are there early.

The parade route is 9/10ths of a mile long.  We will enter Main St from the Club America driveway and terminate in a town parking lot directly across from All Aboard Westcliffe (2d ST & Rosita Ave).  We will have a few speakers at the end including our Sheriff (Fred Jobe) and hopefully our State Representative Jim Wilson.  We have several like-minded organizations planning to attend.  We then hope everyone will make their way back up Main ST and check out our local vendors, merchants and activities.  We will keep at least one trailer available to return those that need a ride back to the start area. .

We want to make something PERFECTLY CLEAR here.   We are not marching with civil disobedience or civil insurrection in mind.  NOTHING could be more wrong.  We are law-abiding citizens and patriots that love our constitution and our country and are marching, not to intimidate our fellow citizens, but rather as a lawful, peaceful and non-intimidating exercise of our rights to assemble, speak and do so with UNLOADED Open Carry firearms. Rifles Slung, Pistols holstered.  We know we don’t have to legally but we are doing this as a gesture of respect and as a small assurance to the courageous leaders of this community that so strongly and wholeheartedly support us.  We want to march like this for many years to come.  If this seems unreasonable to you then maybe you should not participate.  This is what we did in Canon City and everyone that participated was OK with that rule. We will have local tea party members acting as marshals and we will not tolerate any type of bad behavior. The liberal progressives are the immature, irresponsible and lawless citizens (see any Occupy Wall Street event) and they would love nothing more than to bait us into a stupid act they could film or record.  We owe it to all responsible constitutionally-loving TEA Party brothers and sisters all over America to be smart and not fall into their traps.

There will be 2 large trailers for those that need to ride. Flags and homemade signs are also encouraged and as always nothing racist or threatening.  Those kinds of things do not help our important cause. Focus on our Sheriffs and our constitutional rights. Again, nothing to embarrass our important TEA Party efforts nation-wide.  We can “do our thing” and be positive.

Hope to see you all there to help us be united and make a strong public statement about the liberals’ attempts to mess with our guns, liberties and freedoms.  Let’s march TALL, PROUD and SMART!!


You can continue to find updates including current events on our twitter feed, as well as at our blog, so be sure to use these resources to stay informed!

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